Welcome to Spring, here’s a Snow Day



Hi everyone who reads this, I am starting to build an address book of emails for my newsletters. If you would like to receive my newsletter, please message me your email address.

I still plan to send out paper newsletters in the mail while I am in the states, but it would be helpful to have email addresses for everyone when I go overseas.

Thanks in advance!


Tonight was my last night working at Max’s, the restaurant that is down the street from my apartment. I only worked there for about four months, but I really enjoyed it. Of course everywhere has there pros and cons but overall I thought Max’s was a good place to work. Tonight, since my bosses love me, they gave me dinner and dessert on the house. It is great to see my hard work appreciated. I am also glad that they did not try to make me feel guilty for leaving and they said that I am welcome to come back if I ever want.

The reason I decided to leave it, is because of the schedule. At Max’s I never knew my schedule for the next week until the Saturday or Sunday before. I couldn’t count on making what I need to make.

Recently I have been given the opportunity to work in the Guest Services office at Short Pump Town Center as well as driving the train. Right now I am working in the office two nights a week plus the train on the weekends. Starting the last week in March I will go up to four nights a week in the office and the train on the weekend. At SPTC, I know my schedule at least a month in advance and it is very flexible to fit with the travel I do for my internship.

For the time being, I think this is the best option for me.


Migraines are awful. Trying to still get things done in the office while getting a migraine is really difficult. I am trying to get everything I need to done so that maybe I will have time to go lay down in the dark for a little bit before I have to work tonight. Tonight is my last night working at Max’s.