Me Too.

I have been debating posting this for a few weeks, but it is still on my mind. And as I am getting ready to block a guy on Facebook who doesn’t seem to understand how uninterested I am in him, I felt it appropriate. The Me Too Movement is the latest social media movement to raise awareness of sexual assault and sexual harassment that started a few weeks ago. The most upsetting thing about this is how common sexual assault and I think even more sexual harassment is. It is upsetting to me that it is more surprising to hear a female say that she has never experienced some kind of sexual harassment. It shouldn’t be something that is as normalized as it is. It shouldn’t be something that is accepted as a part of life, because it is awful.

When I say me too, I mean I was fourteen. He was my first boyfriend. It happened in storage closet at my first job. It wasn’t rape but it was enough to make me feel like trash for the better part of the last ten years. It will have been ten years ago next July.

It was something that I thought about every day for years before I decided to take my life back. I had to actively choose to not let what happened have control of my life. That was a choice I had to actively make every day until I stopped thinking about it, until I stopped letting the past define who I am now.

Now, when I tell a guy that I am not interested and he still thinks it is okay to send me inappropriate messages for weeks, it still makes me feel sick to my stomach. If someone tells someone else they are not interested in the other, it should end there. Woman or man, it shouldn’t matter.


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