I want to start this post by saying, I miss my church, Fairmount Wesleyan Church, I went to while I was at school! I miss the community I had there and knowing people there other than the people I live with or see everyday at work.

Since being in Richmond, I have been going to Commonwealth Chapel for church, which is where most people in our office go, and I have really liked going there for the most part. However, since I have gotten a weekend job driving the train at the mall, I have to work on Sundays. My shift usually starts at 10:45 if I am scheduled for the morning shift, but the first service at Commonwealth Chapel is at 9:30 and doesn’t finish in time for me to make it to my job in time. So I needed to find another church that had an earlier service on Sundays.

This Sunday I went to Hill City Church with my roommate Ray, because they have an 8:30 service that gets out in time for me to go to work. A few people from our office go there, so I have heard good things about this church. I liked the service a lot and hope to get more involved in this church.


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