Stretch Marks

This past Friday, a couple of my roommates and I went to a Women’s Event at our church. I don’t know what I was expecting when I went into this event but I honestly have to say that I was disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the worship/singing aspect of the service but once the speaker got started, I had a hard time not just checking out.

The speaker got up and started talking about stretch marks, specifically those from pregnancy and she went on and on about this. She eventually got around to relating it to how God challenges and stretches us in our lives to make room for new things. As a 23-year-old woman, who has never been pregnant and has no interest in having a child anytime in the near future, it was difficult for me to relate to the speaker and what she was trying to get across in her message. Side note – first of all, pregnancy is far from the only way people get stretch marks, second this was a topic that only related to small group of women at the event who had ever experienced pregnancy  and I feel like it was a missed opportunity to speak life into something that a large group of women of various stages in life could actually relate to.

Outside of struggling to relate to the analogies that the speaker made throughout almost all of her talk, I do relate to the idea of God stretching and challenging us to grow more in our faith in him. In the stage of life I am in right now, I feel like everything is stretching to me. I just graduated college and moved over 600 miles from everyone I have ever had close to me and I am in an internship program that specifically tries to stretch and challenge me everyday. I know that God is stretching me and sometimes it feels like it is too much and it is hard to breathe.

I do not know what I was looking for in going to this event but I left feeling discouraged and more disconnected that I was when I went in and I have thought about it too much since Friday. I know that this event was not about me in any way other than me being a woman, I know I can’t go to every event thinking I have get something out of it for myself. I am sure there was probably some women at the event who needed to hear what the speaker spoke about, so I don’t want to be too dramatic.



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