Burrito Bowls

As part of our internship, we have to make and serve a meal for the people in our office for $8 or less. Over the nine months I have watched my fellow interns complete this task, some times dreading, other times looking forward to my turn. Welp, the day is finally here.

I have thought a lot about what I would make for my $8 meal. At first I thought about making Kugelis, a potato and chicken Lithuanian dish that I learned how to make while I studied abroad, its pretty simple but some of the ingredients are a little bit too expensive to make the dish on the budget I needed to follow and there are several vegetarians in our office, so that was a no. Then I thought I would make veggie soup, that can easily be made for under $8, but I just made that recently for Love Your City Soup Day and I as much as I love veggie soup, its too soon.

So I decided to do build your own burrito bowls. Very simple but yummy.

  • 3 cans of Kroger black beans at $.59 a piece = 1.77
  • 2 bags of baby spinach at $1.49 each = 2.98
  • 1 bag of Kroger rice at $1.39
  • shredded cheese at $1.23
  • tax =$.18
    • = $7.55 leaving .45 for miscellaneous spices



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