I am so grateful for my loving, supportive and helpful parents.

This weekend I went to get my oil changed in my car because I was past due for a change and I am driving home this coming Sunday and wanted to get in done before than. I went thinking it would just be the typical 30 or so bucks and I would be on my way. While I am waiting for it to be finished the mechanic comes to me and said there was a problem with my oil panel and it needed to be replaced. He explained to me the problem and even showed it to me. I don’t know anything about cars and I don’t think I could accurately explain what was wrong. Anyway I needed to replace the whole unit or I would risk leaking oil and my engine blowing up.

I drive my car every single day. The job that I have that pays for me to be here is a twenty minute drive across town on the interstate. I can’t risk losing my car.

They told me that the repair would cost several hundred dollars. Moving to this internship, I completely depleted my savings and I don’t make enough money to drop that much unexpectedly.

I immediately called my Dad to ask him what to do and if him and Mom could help me out. He wasn’t happy about the situation, no one is happy when what should have been a simple oil change turns into something worse and more costly. We were both worried that the mechanic was just taking advantage of me because I am a young woman who obviously knows nothing about cars (not saying that is the case for all young women but it is for me, I admit I know very little about cars). That is a common enough problem that it is possible that that is what happened. However, we decided to get the replacement instead of risking my engine blowing up, especially as I have to drive this car home through West Virginia and Kentucky in four days. And realistically my car would probably just be totaled if the engine blew up.

Anyway I am so glad that I have the relationship with my father that I felt comfortable calling him early on a Saturday morning for advice and with such a big financial request. I am so glad that I have parents who are in a position that they could help me with this and were willing to.

A lot of the time I get frustrated with myself for having to rely on my parents so much financially at 24 because I want to be independent, but I am so glad that I have the option. I am so grateful for my parents and their support, I don’t know how I will ever make it up to them. Thank you, does not feel like enough to express my gratitude, but thank you Mom and Dad.


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