The end of an adventure, but not really.

Twelve hours from now I will be patiently waiting for our internship graduation ceremony to begin. There will be some speeches, we will all get certificates saying that we have completed the program, we will have communion, and we will do all the rest that they have planned for the ceremony. Then this part of the adventure will end.

But its not the end, most of the interns will go on to do their field training at the end of the summer or be moving their family overseas to do full time ministry. There is still plenty to do and learn and grow in.

I have decided to not do my field training for the time being. I have several reasons for this decision, which I will probably unpack in a future blog. I will be taking 2 and a half months out of the office even though I will still be doing 10-15 hours of office work outside the office for most of it. Then in August I plan to start back in the office working mostly on our Member Care and Refugee Care teams.

I intended to go through my blog posts that I have made through the course of the internship, getting rid of the posts that I posted only because I needed to post something that day and keeping the posts that I like and are good posts. I plan on continuing my blog but posting less frequently but more thought out posts.


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