Language Learning

I took four years of French class in High School but I can hardly speak any of it now. When I was in Lithuania, I learned a little of the langauge, mostly just what I needed to get around the city and grocery stores.

A few months ago we had a class on Language Learning and got some new tools to learn languages. I unfortunately have not had time to put most of these tools into practice. But I am glad to have them and hope to use them in the future.


World Religions

In my internship I have also been learning about a few other world religions. As part of our reading we have gotten to read the Qu’ran and The Book of Mormon. Today we got to visit a local Mosque. Friday is the day of worship for Muslims like Sundays are for Christians.

I had been in Mosques before but it was interesting to go today, after actually reading the Qu’ran. In the other Mosques I have been in they did the whole service in Arabic, but the one we visited today did the main part of the service in English and the scripture reading in Arabic. The Imam (Muslim equivalent to Pastor) that we talked to said that they do this because many of the people that attend there do not understand a lot of Arabic or speak different versions of the language, so they do most of the service in the local language.

I think it is important to have a basic understanding, if not more, of other world religions, especially as they are the primary religions of the people in the areas of the world that we want to reach.



In our office, we start everyday with devotions, where we read a chapter in the Bible and then pray. On Thursdays we pray for our workers in the mission field overseas. On Fridays we spend devotions talking about current events around the world and then we pray for them. I think this is a good way to start our day in the office.

I have never really been the person who thinks to pray often or when something happens, its not this first thing that I think of anyway. Here I am reminded that I can pray any and all the time.

Social Media

In my internship I have learned a bit about how to be safe on Social Media. I have learned that if I am going to talk about a specific ministry field to talk about it in a broad sense such as the region instead of the specific country.

I have had to choose what I share on Social Media, mostly Facebook, carefully. I had to choose between posting about all the places I am going or about what I am doing. I have chosen to post more about what I am doing rather than pictures from my recent overseas travel.

For my internship I am supposed to blog everyday, or at least 5 times a week. I have chosen to share my blog on Facebook because I want friends and family back in Indiana to be able to read since I do not expect people to get on my WordPress.

I have also learn more about how to use social media because I am now on Hillside’s social media team. We have a lot teams in our office and sometimes it can get confusing on how to post about certain things because we work so closely with World Horizons. I am also learning how to schedule social media posts and making sure that there is enough different content.

Multicultural Team Living

As part of my internship I have lived in an apartment with 4-7 other young women. While we are all close in age, we are all very different from each other, come from different backgrounds and life styles. Some of us have to work to pay rent, others are fully funded by supporters. We all went to different colleges for different degrees. We all have different sleeping and eating habits and schedules outside the internship hours. We all have different plans and goals for future ministry.

Of course it will be different when I am living with people from dramatically different cultures than my own, but I think this experience has in part prepared me to live with a multicultural team.

We try to have meals together at least twice a week. We have meetings to decide on which groceries are communal and how much money each person is supposed to chip in for them. We have to make sure the shared spaces are kept tidy.

I love my roommates and I am really glad to have each of them in my life.

What I Have Learned at Hillside

Near my desk in our office there is a poster that lists all the topics we are supposed to learn about during our internship. There is space for each intern to write next to the topic what they have learned about it in the classes that we take or the books we read. Some of us have filled it out more than others.

Our Director Kris challenged us to blog about what we have learned during the course of our internship in and out of the classroom. The topics include Church Planting, Prayer, Language Learning, World Religions, How to Travel and more. Over the next few weeks I will be blogging about what I have learned about each topic.